How To Install Crown Molding

Crown molding is turning into the rule rather than the exception. While professionals handle most crown molding or trim jobs, active DIYers can accomplish the same, gorgeous look in just a few, easy steps.

Mark Clement, of MyFixItUpLife, decided to step in and show us how to install crown molding in your home in just a few hours with less than eight tools!


Tools & Materials Needed

  • Wood (for Molding)
  • Miter Saw
  • Coping Saw
  • Nail Gun
  • Clamp for Saw Table
  • Caulk
  • Sandpaper

Tips to Install Crown Molding

  1. Always exercise extreme caution when it comes to miter saws.
  2. When cutting scraps, position them upside down in the saw. Pretend the back of the saw is the wall and the bottom of the saw is the ceiling.
  3. Start with the corners when cutting and adding trim.
  4. Use scraps or smaller pieces for the corners.
  5. A return is the end piece of the crown molding for walls without corners. Cut your return piece first at the same angle you use for other pieces.
  6. Coping ensures the inside pieces are flush. Do not cope with the miter saw.  Best to

The Top 5 Colors For Granite Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen trends come and go, but granite remains the most popular countertop. Despite its expense, granite is durable, easy to maintain and most importantly, beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors, making it a perfect complement to any kitchen and cabinet style. However, deciding which color granite can be overwhelming.

To shorten your decision process, I picked five of the most common granite countertop colors in America. Take a look and find the right color based on your kitchen size, style and cabinet colors.


White Granite Makes Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Many homeowners shy away from white granite countertops because of a common misconception. They assume the white granite slab looks like a sheet of plain paper, which resembles a lack of character. In fact, due to the composition of granite, there is no such a thing as “plain” white granite. White granite countertops always come with different colors of flecks or veins that can add interest to a kitchen. You can pick different shades of white granite to coordinate with your cabinet color, whether it’s

Selecting The Right HVAC System For Your Home

There are many different factors to consider when it comes to selecting the right HVAC system for your home. Maybe you’re happy with any HVAC system that falls within your price range, but maybe you’re looking for something specific to fit your needs or the needs of your family.


Are you unsure which HVAC systems are best for your basement and which are best for your attic? Are you worried your HVAC system will impact allergies? Are you interested in one that is energy efficient? Are you concerned about the size of the HVAC system? If you answered yes to any of these questions, here’s some guidance that may lead you in the right direction!


Basements are typically known for being the coldest room in the house. Along with that, they usually come with a decent amount of space, one of the reasons why HVAC systems are commonly found in the basement.

To select the right HVAC system for your basement, you should test your basement’s comfort levels. A thermometer that can read both

Qualities to Look Out for in an Electrician Before Hiring One

When you need some electrical work done at your home or your office, you need an experienced electrician to come by. Whether it is a new construction or remodelling or even putting up some new fancy electrical gadget in your home, you will need to work with an experienced electrician. The last thing you need is some dupe who comes and makes a world of promises, takes an advance to purchase some equipment and then disappears without a trace!

Not only will you be left with your unfixed problem in hand, you will probably have lost money as well. In order to avoid such disasters, it is best to call in a qualified electrician to get your work done. But if you are calling upon the services of an electrician for the very first time, you probably do not know what it is that you should look out for in an electrician. To help you get over your dilemma, here are some tips you can use.

Check for His License

This is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider, when you are hiring the services of an electrician. The contractor whose services you will

Important Lawn Care Tasks You Should Remember

Spring time is actually one of the best times to do proper lawn care maintenance for you to enjoy having the best lawn for the whole year. There are certain tasks that you should implement to ensure optimal grass growth. The first task associated with lawn care that local residents should tick off their to-do list is raking.

Do mind that raking is not simply about removing dead and fallen leaves. If you rake deep enough, you can also remove thatch as well as matted patches that have accumulated over the winter.

Check for compaction as well, especially in areas where there is heavy traffic. One clear sign of compaction is the growth of moss, and the remedy for this is aeration. Do note that aeration is best performed during the fall so make sure to block a few days out on your fall calendar should you see signs of compaction. This is to ensure a healthy growth of the grass in your lawn. If you do see moss growing on your lawn, you might want to send soil samples for a series of tests to determine the pH level of your soil.


The Need For A Building Inspection To Ensure Investments

One of the most important investments that a person should consider is a shelter or a home. A home is one of humans’ basic rights precisely because it is meant to provide safety from extreme weather that can cause serious diseases or discomfort, give people privacy, and offer a place where a family can go about their routines and spend most of their lives comfortably. But it’s also important to keep in mind that while houses and other structures undergo complex construction processes and make use of topnotch materials, there are also certain factors – such as the passage of time, neglect, and the presence of pests – that can significantly compromise their integrity.

As such, it is important to conduct a thorough inspection of the property in order to determine its actual condition, especially if you’re planning to sell the house, or buy a new one. Fortunately, there are professionals who are specifically trained and licensed in performing a building inspection. Homeowners should approach someone with extensive experience in the building and construction industry.

A person who is a licensed builder, carpenter and inspector would be a good specialist to hire to examine a

Use Open Closed Flange Mount Replacement Filters To Improve the Air Quality of Your Workplace

Your business or workplace should have an atmosphere that encourages productivity. If you do not like where you work, it will make you unhappy in your work life. If this is the case, you want to make improvements that create a comfortable atmosphere for your daily working space. The tips in this article will enable you to create an environment that you can truly be happy working in.

You should think about how comfortable you are in your workplace. Although we may work in a building with minor imperfections, the real problem comes from things we can’t always see with our eyes but affect our daily lives, such as air quality. Stop ignoring these things and start making changes. If you have a filtration system that is outdated, get rid of it and replace it with something more current. Industrial filtration professionals agree that Open Closed Flange Mount Replacement Filters are often the best choice.

So, what is an Open Closed Flange Mount Replacement Filter? It is an industrial air filter which is open at one end, closed at the other end, and uses a flange mount to attach to your filter system. The open

Make Major Improvements to Your Workplace With Synthetic Media Pocket Filters

Your everyday life is dramatically affected by the space in which you work. Research shows that most people spend the greater part of their lives in the workplace. Your surroundings can affect your happiness level even more if you work from home. When you love where you work, it is easier to be happy.

This is especially true for those who work in harsh conditions with potentially harmful airborne particles and vapors. While masks and respirators do help some, there is always concern for skin contact. So, what’s the answer? Synthetic Media Pocket Filters!

These filters are constructed of synthetic media and have the capacity for catching unwanted particles floating in the atmosphere. Their design and construction allow matter to fly inside where it is trapped. The trapped particulates then fall to the bottom of the filter’s “pocket” where they can no longer be redistributed into the air.

While we often worry about the comfort aspect of our working environment, air quality is seldom given the highest priority. Every building has its flaws, but if those flaws affect the very air that employees are breathing, it simply cannot be ignored. Sometimes it takes discomfort

Why Choose a Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes are prefab houses constructed on an un-detachable steel chassis, enabling them to relocate easily. Manufactured houses are affordable forms of living which offer a high level of quality as well as total customizability. They are built in accordance with stringent building codes guaranteeing their safety, durability and energy efficiency. If you are still thinking why you should consider buying a manufactured home, here are a few reasons:

Affordability and the Building Process

Factory constructed homes have multiple benefits. The climate controlled environment ensures no harm or delay in the perfection of the homes. The factory staff is highly trained. The controlled environment ensures that no theft or vandalism cause any loss to the home during manufacturing. Large scale product buying gives cost advantage to the home manufacturers. The manufacturers pass on this advantage to their customers. This makes quality living affordable for everyone’s budget.

Quality and Safety

Manufactured homes are required to be constructed according HUD code. They are performance standards incorporating every characteristic of best homes. The air conditioning, construction, electrical and thermal systems, energy efficiency, fire safety, heating, plumbing, structural design, and even the transportation from factory to site

Things to Remember When Looking for an Insulation Replacement Company

The insulation of air conditioner ducts is very important for a good number of reasons. First of all, it affects the overall performance of a conditioner. When the duct is not properly insulated, the air begins to leak. As a result, the amount of air being delivered to the end of the duct is reduced. In the end, the HVAC system will need to use up a lot of energy to move air from the condition to the end of the duct. This will also lead to an increase in the electricity bills. In some cases, the conditioner even stops functioning. You may need to take your air conditioning unit for repair if you want it to work properly under such conditions. If your duct’s insulating material has worn out, you need to hire an insulation replacement company. Due to the emergency of many insulating material replacement companies, taking the step above may not always be easy. However, you can use the tips in this article to streamline your search for a reliable insulator replacement firm.

First of all, you have to ask the people around you about the quality of the services of the company

Water Filtration – An Important Issue

Many people are afraid of drinking water. They are constantly buying bottled water thinking that they are being healthy. As a wife, mother, and nurse this is a topic that I decided to investigate. Is that bottle of water really healthier for you?

As it turns out after much research the verdict is in and for the most part bottled water isn’t healthier for you than tap water. The truth is many companies aren’t really filtering their water and getting out the impurities the way they would have you believe. Many are no better than tap water. Also the plastic in the bottles is proving to be of concern to our health. The plastic bottles contain BPA which can cause health problems related to brain, behavior, and prostate gland for fetuses, babies. and children. The EPA that says that BPA’s are safe in small levels. But the question remains as to how much you are getting from all the plastic. You think you are getting rid of toxic chemicals by drinking bottled water only to find you are getting different ones from the plastic.

For this reason many people are buying water filters and putting

The Importance of Hiring Professional Cleaners for Asbestos Removal

Many residential and commercial buildings contain a product known as asbestos, which was commonly used in roofing materials, insulation, ceiling tiles, floor tiles and a range of other building materials. In the 1970’s, it was discovered that asbestos was a potentially life-threatening material if humans inhaled the materials. For this reason, regulations have required asbestos be removed from any buildings. One of the most common ways asbestos is discovered is during a remodeling project; however, most financial institutes also require an inspection for asbestos when you apply for a home loan. Asbestos is extremely dangerous and must be removed by professional cleaners.

Asbestos Inspection

If you are considering buying a home or if you suspect asbestos is in your current home, the first step is to have an inspection. A company specializing in asbestos removal can do the inspection for you. Samples will be taken from various areas of the home and sent to a lab for examination. If asbestos is found in the home, in some situations it may not need to be removed, such as if it is in good condition and in an area that will not be disturbed. However, if the

How to Reface Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

When you buy an older home, you often have to decide how to redecorate the kitchen. In many instances, there is nothing wrong with the current layout and the room has good quality cupboards, but they are tired and dated and in desperate need of refacing.

So where do you start? If you want to know how to reface your old kitchen cabinets, then you will need to know the options available, helping you make an informed decision within your set budget.

The first option to reface your old kitchen cabinets is to replace the doors. This is a simple process, but it takes some time and dedication. If you have some DIY experience, this is something you can do yourself, saving money on labor costs.

When replacing the doors, you will want to measure each cupboard. It’s always advisable to measure two or three times, ensuring the measurements are accurate, as once the cupboard doors arrive, you don’t want to end up in a situation where you need to cut them down yourself.

Before you place an order for new doors, you will want to consider the different options available. Do you

Home Improvement Safety Tips

Now that the cold weather is about to pass on and warmer months are fast approaching, it is time to get started with a long list of tasks for your home that needs improvement. That means, we also need to go over a few home improvement safety tips just to get everybody prepped up for the upcoming projects. For most people, they learn about safety the hard way by actually having it happen to them. But this time around, we want to prevent any safety risks while doing projects by a few guidelines to keep in mind during the home improvement months.

Learn about a few basic but very important safety tips when it comes to improving your home. Even though you may think you know all about safety because you have done the tasks many times, it is still best to remind yourself of what you should keep in mind before getting started. Reading this quick article is much better than making a trip to the emergency room right? Let us get started with our list of home improvement safety reminders.

Dress properly

If you are planning to spray some herbicides and

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Home Recipe & Craft Ideas

February is always a great month to celebrate love, especially when Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, making it a perfect night for a romantic dinner date. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one thinking of enjoying the special night at a fancy restaurant. If you hate the idea of being intimate with other couples right next to you this Valentine’s Day, consider skipping the line and have a DIY at-home dinner date.

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, who has time to cook a Michelin Star meal? Well, believe me, it won’t take more than a few hours. While I’m certainly not a professional cook, I’m happy to share how I pulled it off last year.

Get inspired with a few secret tips, from simple recipes to table decorations. I’m sure you’ll make your at-home Valentine’s Day dinner extremely romantic and most importantly, cozy.

Simple but Flavorful Recipes

When it comes to planning last-minute Valentine’s meals, you should pick not only easy-to-cook recipes, but also those that allow you to cook all three dishes at the same time. For example, I’d avoid turning on all the burners, overcrowding your oven or moving

Top Reasons to Build Sunroom Enclosures

Have you wondered why more and more Canadians are deciding to add sunroom enclosures to their homes? Sunroom enclosures, also known as patio enclosures, serve to both extend the living area of your home and enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Sunrooms help you embrace the beauty of the outdoors during different seasons and weather conditions. Enclosures give you the opportunity to create an extra room that can be used for a wide range of tasks.

In fact, these enclosures are not only more popular with home owners, but with home buyers. Having a patio enclosure can enable you to sell your house faster, and at a better price, because sunrooms and patio enclosures are one of the features most in demand by house buyers.

Here are the top reasons to build a sunroom enclosure in your home.

Extend the living area of your home

How would you like an extra room in your home to entertain guests, enjoy coffee in the morning, a family game or some leisurely reading in a sheltered outdoor living space?

A sunroom enclosure is a cost effective way to add this extra room.

Tips for Painting Your Home With Water-Based Latex Paint

Have you ever wondered if painting your walls is something that you could do yourself even without much experience? The truth is that painting will never be too much trouble for anyone as long as they understand what paint they use and what the previous paint on the wall is. Of course, choosing the right brush and instruments is essential as well but nothing can substitute the good understanding of the type of paint you use. So if you are willing to make the step and “do it yourself” get ready to read a few articles about the different kinds of paint (and the internet has a pretty good variety of those articles). Then do some research on the market for the brand of paint you wish to purchase. Keep in mind of course that even the best painter cannot do much with a bad paint. Nobody likes uneven color on the walls, and thin, almost transparent paint which looks more like milk rather than wall paint.

Let’s assume that you are getting ready to paint your interior walls. The two main types of paint that you will encounter, as you probably already know, are oil

Low Interest Home Improvement Loans

We all love to make home improvements but this is truly a very costly project we have to deal with. Of course, no one wants to spend much when it comes to such activities like this. Fortunately, there is good news if you’re considering your home improvement plan. Today, we can avail of low interest home improvement loan which is regarded as low cost as it takes advantage of the equity on the home you’re planning to renovate.

If you’re one of those who wish to redesign and make your home a more comfortable and special place to dwell in, turning to a low interest home improvement loan is just one of the smartest and most economical ways of obtaining financial assistance. They are very easy to avail of as they don’t require many documents for approval. What’s more interesting about them is that unlike unsecured personal loans, they provide more benefits that will surely delight you.

Low Interest Home Improvement Loans are known as home equity loans that are purposely designed to make home improvements in the same property which is being used as a security of the loan. For this reason, lenders can

The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Know About Homeschooling

1. Homeschooling is life changing. It creates personal growth for both the parent and the child. You (the parent) get a second chance to re-discover your own special genius, while you help your children discover theirs. Nothing you will ever do will have a more profound effect on your child and your family’s future as homeschooling.

2. You are qualified to homeschool your children if you love to read to them, love to spend time with them, love to explore the world with them, love to see them learn new things and, most important, love them.

3. Children love to learn. It is as natural to them as breathing. They have an inborn hunger to explore the world and examine what is interesting. They learn by following their interests, with one interest leading to another. This is the way we all learned as younger children and how as adults we learn after we leave school. Homeschooling families learn together and know that learning is a life-long process.

4. Homeschooling is legal everywhere in the United States, but homeschooling laws vary from state to state. The three basic categories for homeschooling laws are: home education laws, private school

Top 10 Guidelines for Homepage Usability

Homepages are the most valuable real estate in the world. Each year, companies and individuals funnel millions of dollars through a space that’s not even a square foot in size. For good reason. A homepage’s impact on a company’s bottom line is far greater than simple measures of e-commerce revenues: The homepage is your company’s face to the world. Increasingly, potential customers will look at your company’s online presence before doing business with you — regardless of whether they plan to close the actual sale online. (Update: our studies of B2B usability found that this is the predominant behavior of business users.)

The homepage is the most important page on most websites , and gets more page views than any other page. Of course, users don’t always enter a website from the homepage. A website is like a house in which every window is also a door: People can follow links from search engines and other websites that reach deep inside your site. However, one of the first things these users do after arriving at a new site is go to the homepage. Deep linking is very useful, but it doesn’t give users the site overview a